Креативний активізм

Theatre, in order to hear each other

2 April 2017, Kyiv, Ukraine

Roma youth from all over Ukraine gathered to explore their identity, the problems and challenges they face in their daily lives, both within the community and in society as a whole.

For the first time in Ukraine, Roma youth were able to get acquainted with the method of playback theatre.

We will also have a performance of the Kyiv Playback Theatre, where everyone will be able to become not only a spectator, but also a participant and get acquainted in practice with the principles of playback theatre technology.

This laid the foundation for further work and future joint projects with the Kyiv Playback Theatre “Vne Vremeni”.

We talked about the role of a theatre in human rights activism and dialogue in difficult conflict situations, discussed prospects and possible forms of cooperation of Roma activists with the Theatre (including the Festival “Art Playback. Together”), planned joint initiatives.

After performance

The event also included a meeting with a representative of the office of Amnesty International Ukraine, one of the largest international human rights organisations.

The Roma issue has been an important area of Amnesty International’s work in Slovakia, Poland, the Czech Republic and other countries for many years. This year, the Ukrainian office is also starting to work on this topic. This means that we have the opportunity to work together to make this content of high quality, taking into account the Ukrainian historical and cultural context, as well as based on the experience of pro-Roma activists.

We had the opportunity to learn more about Amnesty International Ukraine’s actions, and planned specific steps to work together.