Вечори ромської поезії

Romani poetry nights

17-18 November 2017, Kyiv, Ukraine

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On the 17-18th of November the guests of the “Amala” Festival had the opportunity to spend two unforgettable nights, enjoying the works of Roma poets – Mikha Kazymyrenko, Mykola Ilin and Rani Romani.

In the cosy atmosphere of the “Romance” Theatre there was also an author’s reading of poetry and communication with one of the authors.

There was talk about the language, the fate of the Roma and the не нcreative path of Raisa Borysivna.

Author's reading of poetry

Mykola Ilyin, Raisa Nabaranchuk, Igor Krykunov

Poetic flash mob in memory of Roma poet Mikha Kazymyrenko

On the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the memory of the outstanding Roma poet Mikha Kazymyrenko our team launched a literary flash mob. Anyone whether Roma or just connoisseurs of Roma poetry could record the poet’s poem on camera and post it on social networks. The cultural event started on the 6th of February, the birthday of Mikha Kazymyrenko.