Побачення з ромською культурою

Night-meeting in Prostir Idei

4 November 2017, Kremenchuk, Ukraine

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On the eve of the World Roma Language Day, 5 November, our team gathered for a meeting in Kremenchuk creative hub – Prostir Idei. The unusual format of a night-meeting with Roma culture aroused the interest of many Kremenchuk residents.

Various questions were asked during the discussion. We differentiated between the meanings of the words “Roma” and “Gipsies” and got acquainted with the current trends of the Roma youth movement.

We also talked about the Romani language, its types and subtypes, stereotypes (barons, education, women and their position in Roma families), literature, art, discrimination, and learned the Romani language.

Nothing reflects the culture of the nation better than its art, and that is why our colleague Natali Tomenko conducted a master class on linocut for us.

It was rich and interesting. We hope that this was not the last meeting.

Art meeting at the Theatre “Romance”

22 November 2017, Kyiv, Ukraine

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Can you name without hesitation the best place to meet with Roma culture?

For more than six centuries, this nation has lived with us in the Ukrainian lands, but it is still shrouded in legends and myths.

As part of the International Festival “Amala-2017”, our team held a series of creative workshops in the Music and Drama Theatre “Romance”.

Among the participants of the master classes were not only guests and spectators of the theatre, but also artists, singers, dancers. 

While drawing, we had time to talk about the wagons of the Polish Roma, learn about the traditions of nomadism in different countries. The symbols and beliefs of the Roma in nomadic times were studied. So, in particular, we found out why “Strashek” was needed – a dragon, which decorated the vardos (wagons of the Polish Roma).

The wagon created by us was left in the theatre to remember the “Amala-2017” Festival, and all guests received handmade postcards in the technique of linocut.

New Year's meeting at the Living History Festival

1-2 December 2017, Kyiv, Ukraine

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Already the first winter nights are able to create a fabulous and in some ways mysterious mood. It was on one of these nights that we organised a meeting with Roma culture in the framework of the Living History Festival.

Together with Volodymyr Yakovenko, we got acquainted with the Romani language, learned to greet, as is customary in Roma families, and also talked about Christmas traditions.

The main highlight of the event was a master class on linocut from Roma artist Natalia Tomenko, where visitors had the opportunity to create their own holiday cards.