What is our project for?

Because Roma youth’s knowledge of their heritage and culture is sometimes incomplete, and because some Roma youth activists believe that certain aspects of Roma traditions run counter to respect for human rights, young Roma are no longer confident in their own identity. Anti-Roma discriminatory rhetoric in society and in some right-wing radical groups does not receive an effective response from the state. In order to be able to participate significantly in decision-making and policy-making, Roma youth activists and organisations need to be strengthened through the acquisition of knowledge and skills to be able to advocate and formulate political messages.


We started our work with the training in Kremenchuk. We talked about human rights, the need for civic activism and the development of the Roma youth movement. We got acquainted with key figures of the international Roma youth movement.
Stereotypes surround us all our lives. They are stuck not only in society, but also deep in our heads. Together we will learn to eradicate toxic prejudices. After all, each of us is a stereo breaker! Join our team of active Roma youth! We will break your stereotype! The premiere of our blockbuster “Stereo breaker” took place at the Roma Youth Forum in Kyiv.

You can endlessly watch three things: how the water runs, the fire burns and how the participants perform a creative task.

To do this, we looked for common symbols that unite us and special features that keep us unique.

Kherson- 2019

The next stop is Kherson. We gather young people again, talk about activism, achievements and obstacles. And also tried to understand the role of the individual in the changing processes. And for this – in the language of art our participants were looking for an answer to the question – who are the Roma heroes and what features are inherent in them.


The place of the Roma youth movement in global processes, the fight against stereotypes and hate speech became the focus of our educational event in Dnipro.
Communication with the macro-society, as well as ways of self-representation play a significant role in modern globalization. That is why in the discussions we paid considerable attention to the topic of media, their place and importance in shaping the image of the Roma community.