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Roma heritage

Roma history is not taught in schools, culture is not taught in universities. But we managed to carry the identity through the centuries. It is up to us to preserve this Heritage for future generations, because we have something to be proud of!

What “heritage” are we talking about?

✅ A relic – is there anything in your family that is passed down from your forefathers that is carefully guarded and that the whole story is behind? Scarf, pipe, shirt, ring or some trifle? Take a picture of it and tell a story related to it.

✅ Personality – is there a person in your family or acquaintances whose achievements you are proud of, who are legends made of? Send us a photo of the hero and describe what this person is famous for.

✅ Word – do you know a beautiful Romani fairy tale, an ancient song, a riddle, a proverb, or even a single word in Romani that has survived only in your dialect? Write them down and share them with the world.

✅ Tradition – is there a long-standing tradition or custom in your family? Or maybe the name of your family has an interesting story? Do you know and can you tell us about the traditional professions of the Roma? Do you prepare a special dish of Roma cuisine in a special way? We will be interested to know about all this!

✅ Achievements – who said that history is only about the past? We are creating it today. If you think that you have reached the top in education, sports, science, art, etc., which contribute to the development of the Roma community, do not hesitate to share your successes! Because you are a part of a great nation!

Roma heritage in the stories of ARCА volunteers