Informational platform "Djanes?"

“Djanes?” is a modern media platform of ARCA organization for dialogue, support and solidarity in Ukraine and abroad. This is a space free of stereotypes and prejudices. Here are the voices of those who often remain unheard in the modern Ukrainian media space. They tell stories of resistance, overcoming and fighting for their values and identity.


Media laboratory "Djanes?"

Media training “Djanes?” – part of a long-term comprehensive initiative to create a Roma youth information platform.

In the summer of 2021, we gathered 15 young people in a picturesque place to hone their knowledge and skills in the field of media, as well as to work the concept of creating the first in Ukraine youth Roma information platform.


Pilot initiative "Djanes Information Platform"

Stereotypes and manifestations of discrimination still remain realities of Roma life. This is due to the lack of public access to information about the realities of Roma life and culture. The Roma community does not have enough effective channels of communication that could be used to express their position and respond to cases of discrimination.

It is for this purpose that we created the first Roma youth information platform in Ukraine, which in the long run was to become a space around which active youth could unite to create a realistic positive image of the Roma community.