Human rights


Challenging Digital Anti-gypsyism

As part of this project, we are developing strategies on how to counter the existing language of hostility against the Roma and how to prevent a new wave of hatred. Also, with the participation of the National Coordinators of Volunteers in Ukraine – Natalia Tomenko and Volodymyr Yakovenko, we coordinate the work of volunteers who are Roma human rights activists in Ukraine.


Roma youth for equal rights

The development of the Roma youth movement is a complex and long process. That is why we set the main goal of strengthening the knowledge and skills of Roma youth, which would enable them to advocate, formulate political messages, and thus – to participate in decision-making and policy-making that directly or indirectly affect the situation of Roma youth and Roma community as a whole.


Art action against attacks on the Roma

In 2018, Ukraine was shocked by a wave of far-right attacks on Roma settlements. Many people were injured in the attacks, several temporary settlements and the property of their residents were burned, and two people were killed. All this was accompanied by an active discussion on social networks and a significant increase in the level of hatred and hate speech.

In this situation, unity and support at both the national and international levels were particularly important. Together with a group of Roma youth, we created art works to draw public attention to these terrible events with the help of art.


Theatre, in order to hear each other

For the first time in Ukraine, Roma youth were able to get acquainted with the method of playback theater and become participants in the performance. They jointly discussed the place of theater in human rights activism and dialogue building in difficult conflict situations, discussed prospects and possible forms of cooperation of Roma activists with the theater community.