Time to remember

“Time to Remember” is an educational-commemorative initiative of the NGO “ARCA”, where we together with young people are looking for answers to a number of questions:

⌛️ What do we know about the Roma genocide?

⌛️ Is there a place for Roma in the national space of memory?

⌛️ Who and how should one preserve the memory of the tragic pages of the past?

⌛️ And what other role does the younger generation play in these processes?


Look and don’t forget!

Dikh_na_bister is a long-term initiative of the international Roma youth network TernYpe, aimed at spreading knowledge among Roma and non-Roma youth about the National Socialist genocide of Sinti and Roma, as well as honoring the memory of the victims. On a partnership basis, ARCA coordinates the participation of young people from Ukraine, prepares and accompanies participants throughout the educational process.

Through my mind to your eyes

This project is one of the first attempts to open the veil of history and look at the tragedy that happened to the Roma during the Second World War from a different, somewhat unusual, point of view. The focus of our study is the theme of genocide in the memories of children whose experience has long been ignored and remained unclaimed.
An attempt to answer the last question was the graphic part of the project. With the help of art, we try to make the voices of the past visible and understandable, turning them into visual images.

International Romani Resistance Day

May 16 is celebrated worldwide as the International Day of Roma Resistance. However, very few people still know its symbolism and historical background.

This initiative aims to spread knowledge about key events in the history of the Roma people.