"Stereobreakers": Educational and Artistic Initiative

We meet almost every day, but we often don’t see a Humen being behind the labels. Prejudices leave us the opportunity to find common ground and get to know ourselves better through dialogue with the “other”.
In order to initiate a dialogue within the community, we invited young people from different groups and communities to participate in the project – Roma youth of Okhtyrka region, Roma activists from different parts of the country and Okhtyrka active youth. What came out of this – read on.

“Sastipe. Facing prejudice”

We came together with young people from Ukraine, Germany and Slovakia to talk about the obstacles we face in our daily lives and how they affect our self-presentation and self-identification.

To learn how to work with these topics online, go to the project page.

On the crossroads of history

Together with partners from Germany, we involved 20 representatives of Roma and non-Roma youth from Germany and Ukraine in the project. Despite the distance, we have created a common space for sharing experiences and mutual support.

Our participants researched history at different levels – the history of the country, community, family history and personal experience. As a result, they created an online theater play that revealed the problem of discrimination that young people face in everyday life.

"Djanes?": Roma media-lab

Media training “Djanes?” is a part of a long-term comprehensive initiative to create a Roma youth information platform.

In the summer of 2021, we gathered 15 young people in a picturesque place to hone their knowledge and skills in the field of media, as well as on the concept of creating the first in Ukraine youth Roma information platform.


Roma youth for equal rights

The development of the Roma youth movement is a complex and long process. That is why we set the main goal of strengthening the knowledge and skills of Roma youth, which would enable them to advocate, formulate political messages, and thus – to participate in decision-making and policy-making that directly or indirectly affect the situation of Roma youth and community as a whole.


Time to remember

“Time to Remember” is an educational-commemorative initiative of the NGO “ARCA”, where we together with young people are looking for answers to a number of questions:

⌛️ What do we know about the Roma genocide?

⌛️ Is there a place for Roma in the national space of memory?

⌛️ Who and how should one preserve the memory of the tragic pages of the past?

⌛️ And what other role does the younger generation play in these processes?


Look and don’t forget!

Dikh_na_bister is a long-term initiative of the international Roma youth network TernYpe, aimed at spreading knowledge among Roma and non-Roma youth about the National Socialist genocide of Sinti and Roma, as well as honoring the memory of the victims. On a partnership basis, ARCA coordinates the participation of young people from Ukraine, prepares and accompanies participants throughout the educational process.