Roma heritage

Roma history is not taught in schools, culture is not taught in universities. But we managed to carry the identity through the centuries. It is up to us to preserve this Heritage for future generations, because we have something to be proud of!


Romani poetry nights

On November 17 and 18, 2017, the guests of the Amala Festival had the opportunity to spend two unforgettable evenings, enjoying the work of Roma poets – Mikha Kazymyrenko, Mykola Ilyin and Rani Romani.(Raisa Nabaranchuk).
In the cozy atmosphere of the Romance Theater there was also an author’s reading of poetry and communication with one of the authors.

They talked about the language, the fate of the Roma and the path to the literature work of Raisa Nabaranchuk.

Dating with Romani culture

For more than six centuries, Roma in Ukrainian lands have remained shrouded in legends and myths, which often turn into stereotypes and discrimination.
During 2017, our team held a series of creative evenings, where during workshops we discussed the most pressing issues, answered questions and step by step laid the foundation for changing the perception of the Roma community in Ukraine.