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On the crossroads of history

July 23-25, 2021

In the new difficult realities, when the coronavirus pandemic significantly limited the possibilities of real meetings, we managed to continue our youth work and achieve new successes.

Together with partners from Germany, we involved 20 representatives of Roma and non-Roma youth from Germany and Ukraine in the project. Despite the distance, we have created a common space for sharing experiences and mutual support.

Together, our participants researched history at different levels – the history of the country, community, family history and personal experience. As a result, they created an online theater play that revealed the problem of discrimination that young people face in everyday life.

Local event for the Ukrainian group of participants

Kyiv, September 27-29, 2021

Local events had different programs, but they were complementary. Ukrainian participants had the opportunity to immerse themselves in historical realities and learn more about the history of the Roma genocide, as well as to explore the intercultural influences and borrowings of the Roma and Ukrainian peoples.

Local event for a German group of participants

Heidelberg, October 22-24, 2021

The German group focused more on contemporary issues, challenges and human rights violations faced by the Roma community. Participants visited the exposition of the Documentary and Cultural Center of Sinti and Roma in Heidelberg, got acquainted with the forms of work of the theater of the oppressed and talked about the role of young people in combating discrimination.

Joint online training

November 4-7, 2021

The final stage of the project was a joint online training, which was joined by participants from both countries. Together they researched the origins of discrimination, explored the possibilities of storytelling and created. The result of the co-creation was the publication of an online documentary performance.

"Being in a social circle"

online post-documentary performance-research

The participants of the play tell stories about how to exist in different social environments and feel vulnerable, confident, how to find mutual understanding with others, fight for their rights, how to become heard. The play also features elements of articles / publications on human rights, discrimination and stereotypes that have been found in the open space.

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Our partners

The project “On the Crossroads of History” is funded by the program “MEET UP! Youth for Partnership ”of the EVZ Foundation

The project was implemented in partnership with the German NGO “Denk Global”