Information platform pilot project

Our main task

to inform the society about the achievements and challenges faced by the Roma. This is the only way they will be able to hear us!

What can you learn by visiting the platform?

Roma rights

everything you need to know about your rights, where and how to protect them, what human rights organizations do and much more important information.


everything that interested you about the history and culture of the Roma, the place of the Roma in the national and world culture, which holidays are celebrated …


how many outstanding Roma can you name? 3? 5? 10? We will tell about a galaxy of Roma historical figures, cultural and scientific figures and introduce the heroes of today.


let’s study and develop the Romani language together! A dictionary, riddles, videos in Romani and many other interesting things are waiting for you.


breaking news, announcements of competitions, trainings, grants and other opportunities for Roma youth.


an intrigue column that will not leave indifferent any of our readers. Soon ….