ARCA Humanitarian Fund

since February 26, 2022

Nearby since the first days of the war

With the beginning of the mass military invasion of Ukraine, our lives, homes and opportunities to work on our projects were completely destroyed. Members of our team lived in different regions of the country, so they personally felt the various manifestations and consequences of the military situation that other citizens of our country are facing. These include escape from places of street fighting, bombing, hiding in bomb shelters, evacuation, humanitarian crisis, and so on.

At the same time, the situation of the Roma community, which is one of the main target groups we work with, is complicated by a number of aggravating factors. These are high levels of poverty, low levels of education, domestic discrimination, and so on.

In such an emergency, we had to focus our efforts on providing humanitarian support and rescuing the most vulnerable sections of society from the effects of hostilities.

Directions of humanitarian aid

In the current circumstances of a full-scale war in Ukraine, the team of the NGO “ARCA” is working in several directions:

– providing financial support to Roma and non-Roma families who find themselves in a difficult situation due to hostilities in different parts of Ukraine, for the purchase of food, medicine and basic hygiene items;

– coordination, financing and organization of the process of evacuation of civilians, including women and children and the elderly, in particular, Roma who survived the genocide;

– collecting, purchasing humanitarian aid for frontline cities and sending packages to hotspots;

– support of units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in which representatives of the Roma community serve.

Fundraising campaigns

You can support the humanitarian activities of the ARCA by transferring money to one of the organization’s accounts. We have the opportunity to receive donations to accounts in hryvnia, euros and dollars.

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Support Roma Holocaust survivors in Ukraine

Every day, with the help of donations, we can help many elderly survivors of Nazi persecution during the World War II that took place in Ukraine. They are in a persistently precarious living situation due to the current war. 

We already supported over 80 Ukrainian Roma survivors in the last 2 months with a financial support. However, we jointly need to raise more donations in order to support many more survivors continuously.

Our partners from the International Roma Youth Network “TernYpe” have launched a fundraising campaign in support of Roma children and youth who have suffered as a result of hostilities in Ukraine.

The ERRC, the European Roma Human Rights Center, has launched a campaign to raise donations to support Roma from Ukraine, both those trapped inside the country and those trying to rebuild their lives elsewhere. The funds raised will be used to help people fleeing the war and facing discrimination.

This charity campaign is aimed at providing humanitarian aid to Roma and other most vulnerable victims of the war with Russia. It is coordinated by the European Roma Institute of Arts and Culture (ERIAC) in Berlin in partnership with ARCA, which supports the most vulnerable families at the local level.

Our colleagues from Romania, who represent the Roma feminist theater “Guivlipen”, have opened an account to collect donations made by viewers of their performances in support of Roma affected by the war in Ukraine.

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