Art action against attacks on the Roma

July 2018, Kyiv, Ukraine


In 2018, Ukraine was shocked by a wave of far-right attacks on the Roma settlements. Many people were injured in the attacks, several temporary buildings and objects were burned, and two people were found dead. All this was accompanied by an active discussion on social networks and a significant increase in the level of hatred and hate speech.

In this situation, unity and support at both the national and international levels were particularly important. Together with a group of Roma youth, we created a work of art to attract public attention.

Poster concept

On the map of Ukraine, we can see in numerous pictured eyes a reflection of the horrors experienced by the Roma community. Each participant of the initiative left their comments, which reflected their feelings about what happened.

The yellow ribbons list all crimes – cases of attacks on the Roma settlements.

International support

August 2018, Krakow, Poland

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The posters were presented at various events, including the international project “Dikh he na Bister / Look and don’t forget” in Poland.

Participants of the event from different countries could not only get acquainted with what happened in Ukraine, but also take photos against the background of the poster and share photos through social networks under the hashtag #save_roma_in_ua. In this way, we managed to create an information campaign throughout Europe and draw attention to the violation of Roma rights.

There were many people wishing to leave their comments and send words of support to the Roma of Ukraine. Dozens of young people from Germany, France, Albania, Macedonia, Hungary, Poland, Serbia, the Czech Republic and other countries expressed their solidarity.