Roma Civil Society Forum on Ukraine

The key representatives of the Roma and (pro)Roma civil society, policy-makers and various stakeholders are gathering to establish a coalition that strengthens equality, inclusion and participation for Ukrainian Roma in the European context. The Forum contributes to making both European and national policies more inclusive and responsive to the current needs of Ukrainian Roma.

Conference: the Russian war against Ukraine

The conference shall gather representative of the Roma community in Ukraine, Ukrainian Roma refugees and representative of Roma organisations from other European countries. 

The main purpose of the conference is to develop a common approach and political position of Roma from Ukraine and the supporters from the Sinti and Roma community in Europe with regard to following issues: Current situation of Roma in Ukraine and proposals for an improvement, Position of Roma refugees from Ukraine and perspectives of Roma in future Ukraine.

Documentary Theater Play “From Home to Home”

The performance is the first attempt to document and preserve the memory of the historical event taking place in Ukraine today, based on the testimonies of Ukrainian and Roma women who, as a result of the war in Ukraine, were faced with a difficult choice: to stay in their home or to look for another home. Someone has lost their walls, someone is building new ones, and someone is still at a crossroads.

Exhibition “Catharsis”

While the rest of the world observing the ongoing war through the media, Roma and (pro)Roma women in Ukraine currently are encountering a war that started on February 24th, when Russia invaded Ukraine. They are witnessing a whole range of traumatic experiences of forced displacement, emigration, separation from families and friends, and loss of their beloved ones. 

The Catharsis exhibition shows how “personal” can be a strong manifestation of the current political situation. All these women have so different and unique experiences, but what unites them thats an adaptation to the new realities of the war times.