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We are looking for a freelance researcher to work on the Local History Project, which is focused on collecting and preserving the oral histories of Roma genocide survivors in Ukraine during WWII.

The project proposed by us is aimed at developing an understanding among young people of the importance of preserving the historical memory of such little-studied events as the Genocide of the Roma. and also the development of modern forms of preservation, actualization, and popularization of knowledge about the past. The main question we ask ourselves when starting work on the project is, “How has this trauma affected the next generation?” And how can we learn the lessons of previous generations and minimize the negative impact of the trauma we are currently experiencing on future generations?

The education of young people on the topic of the Roma genocide can also serve as a bridge to a deeper understanding of the phenomena of xenophobia and romophobia in the current context of exacerbation of manifestations of ethnic-based discrimination, and will aid in the process of finding qualitatively new forms and methods of combating them.We want to create an understanding among young people that history is not only the past, conserved in archival storage, but also the living stories of people who are still among us or are preserved by their children and grandchildren. At the same time, the form of public presentation of these stories can be modern, exciting, and engaging, making it one of the channels for realizing the creative potential of young people through the current tools of the creative industry.

We are looking for researcher with: 

– Education in History, Anthropology, or Sociology

– Knowledge of Ukrainian and English

– Experience working with interviews and deep knowledge of oral history methodology and approaches

– Knowledge of Roma genocide history

– At least three years of historical research experience is required.

– High level of organizational strength, reliability, and accuracy.

– Very independent, prudent, and forward-looking working style.

– Knowledge of research ethics

What we expect you to do

– Being able to conduct historical research on the Roma people’s genocide in Ukraine

– Search and analyze existing collections of oral history materials by topic. If necessary, conduct interviews.

– Being able to provide methodology for the interviews;

– Provide a mandatory questionnaire for the testimonies’ recording;

– Make background research on genocide survivors’ stories.

– Analyze and categorize the results of the conducted interviews.

– Make a description of accompanying materials from field research (photos, personal belongings, etc.).

– Carry out the cataloging of research materials

What we propose

– Work from home with a flexible schedule;

– Hourly payment; 

– Friendly and supportive team;

– Job-related travel opportunities

Application process :

Please send your applications, along with a resume, examples of prior research projects, and a letter of motivation, to researcher The deadline for applications is January 23, 2023.

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