How the Roma got involved in fundraising for a car

During the Russian aggression in Ukraine, Ukrainians and Roma do not stop getting together and continue to do everything to make victory closer. Therefore, Roma are actively involved in the process and do not stop volunteering and replenishing the ranks of the Armed Forces.

Oleksiy Panchenko is one of the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. He is Roma by origin, but he says that this does not affect him to take up arms and stand up for the defence of his country from the 24th of February. Oleksii has been serving in the Ukrainian army since the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion. In addition to serving in the army, a Roma soldier is involved in volunteering. Oleksii Panchenko recently initiated fundraising for a car that will be used by Ukrainian soldiers to fight the enemy.

Off-road vehicles are one of the important elements of the fight against the Russian invaders, therefore they are a necessary component of the Ukrainian army. Oleksii Panchenko says that his belonging to the Roma nationality in no way affects his service with his fellows and his duty to protect Ukrainian lands from Russian invaders.

“Everyone is equal in the army. It doesn’t matter who you are and what nationality you belong to”, — concludes Oleksii Panchenko.

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