“Youth Agency for the Advocacy of Roma Culture “ARCA”

Roma non-governmental youth organisation that has been working in the public sector of Ukraine since 2018, focusing its efforts on developing the Roma youth movement, supporting and preserving Roma history and culture, and building intercultural dialogue in Ukraine.

Promotion of the reinterpretation and change of perception of the image of the Roma community in Ukrainian society.

  • development and support of the Roma youth movement in Ukraine and in the international arena;
  • development of intercultural dialogue, combating existing stereotypes, as well as the consequences they lead to – hate speech and hate crimes.

In the conditions of a full-scale Russia-Ukraine war, our priority tasks are:

  • evacuation of representatives of vulnerable groups from the zone of active hostilities;
  • providing humanitarian aid to the civilian population;
  • support of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and territorial defence in frontline settlements;
  • promoting the development of the volunteer movement;
  • informational counteraction to the consequences of hostile invasion and related growth of xenophobia, inequality, gender-based violence, decline of a number of creative industries.

Openness, mutual support, responsibility (for oneself and others), trust, freedom of expression, security, equality and tolerance.

We implement projects at the local, national and international levels. Our regional centres operate in Kremenchuk, Okhtyrka and Vienna.

Meet our team

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Volodymyr Yakovenko
Chief Executive Officer
Tetiana Storozhko
Chief Visionary Officer
Nataliia Tomenko
Chief Visionary Officer
Marianna Maksymova
Communication manager
Chinara Majidova
Ruslana Polianska
Media coordinator
Dmytro Shatlov
Technical support manager
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Diana Hryhorychenko
Project assistant
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